Kivy in GSOC 2015

Kivy will be participating in the Google Summer of Code 2015 (GSOC), under the Python Software Foundation umbrella. Applications are welcomed not just for the Kivy framework itself but on all the projects managed by the Kivy organisation including Python-for-Android, Kivy-iOS, PyJNIus, PyOBJus, Plyer and Buildozer. As such, GSOC projects can range in focus and difficulty from those that should be accessible to intermediate Python users to low level work making use of Cython, or interacting with Java and Objective C on mobile platforms.

Our page of GSOC information and suggested projects is available here and includes ideas touching all of these areas. However, these are just guidelines and suggestions; if you have a different idea, we’re happy to discuss it. Prospective GSOC students should introduce themselves on the kivy-dev mailing list, and also say hello on our IRC channel, discussions there will be an important part of any application.

Beyond that, check out the project page linked above, and good luck with your applications.